Coloured Pattern
Technology: actionscript 3.0

Info: This started as quick play to draw simple grid patterns. After a few colour variations I tried to place the patten on a circular grid, but failed, numerous times. The best part was, each time I failed, something interesting would emerge. All the patterns are generating using very simple mathematical rules. The live demo can export the pattern to PDF (although not stable on very complex patterns). A Panel extension for Illustrator is in the works.

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Illustrator Panel Demo


Abstract Procedural
Technology: Processing, OpenGL, GLSL

Info: Procedural Modelling based on abstract painter Liviu Stoicoviciu's Pentagon and Dodecagon designs. Click bellow to run the interactive Java Applet in the browser. Since it's using GLSL you will be prompted to trust the applet. Might not be supported on all browsers

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3D browser experiments with Javascript using three.js

Experimenting with the three.js 3D Javascript engine
Technology: 3D, javascript, canvas, Cinema 4D

Info: As the three.js project developed a fast pace, I became intersted and tried it and loved it. I've managed to contribute with a couple of 3D exporters(for Blender 2.49 and Cinema 4D) and currently am learning more about procedural modelling. For some of the demos I've used some of the talented deltaInc's structures. The spikeball is my attempt to understand the math beind Kyle's demo


alpha spikeball

delta cube

blog post

Physical Computing

Literally, a few bits and pieces, using Arduino
Technology: Arduino

Info: The project for the Physical Computing course taught by Daniel Hirschmann and the talk on Arduino and Actionscript at the London Flash Platform User Group.

LFPUG talk

Physical Computing coursework

Assisting Technology Will Save Us workshops at Kinetica Artfair

Assisting Technology Will Save Us workshops at Bistroteque

Processing Paris

A few sketches I wrote while attending the Masterclass taught by Hartmut Bohnacker at Processing Paris
Technology: Processing, Toxiclibs, Minim, JBox2D, Fisica, Mesh

Info: I attended the Masterclass at Processing Paris taught by Hartmut Bohnacker. The workshop focused mostly on Physics simulations. The first day Verlet and Rigid Rody Physics systems were explained, with pros and cons for each. We used multiple implementations: coding from scratch or using libraries (like traer, toxiclibs, JBox2D and the Fisica wrapper.

FFT Polar Plot Video

FFT Polar Plot Sketch

Spider Mesh Audio Video

Spider Mesh Audio Sketch

Spider Random Mesh Audio Video

Spider Random Mesh Audio Sketch


Exploring abstract film, performance and signal processing
Technology: Max/MSP/Jitter, video, MIDI, 6.1 audio

Info: As a collaborator of Helene Nymann's MotherMind project I tried a few simple Technologys using Max/MSP/Jitter to analyze the video and alter pre-recorded sound. Helene also wanted to bring something new into this and tries to blend film, performance and gallery space into one. You can see a short demo of a patch that analyses colour to control sound and a short recording of Helene's performance

Colour Sound Demo

Performance Fragment

Blog Entry

Audio Visual Processing

Audio Visual Processing Course Assignment
Technology: Max/MSP/Jitter

Info: Hello Says The Devil: Audio controls the height of the grid elements and the resolution for geometry (3d plane) and source video(used to sample colors from) in realtime. The Adventure: Audio controls the divisions, offset of the GLSL kaleidoscope and blending of video. Esti Departe: audio visual experiment with procedural textures and a 3d plane. Orchids And Lilacs: Modifying a procedural texture that in turn modifies a 3d plane using sound as input. Low/medium/high frequencies are mapped to intensities of R/G/B. Credits for the great music go to: Les Elephants Bizarres(Hello Says The Devil and The Adventure), Valentin Leonat(Esti Departe) and The Ghost of 3.13(Orchids And Lilacs).

Hello Says The Devil

The Adventure

Esti Departe

Orchids And Lilacs

Heartbeat Detection

Sketchbook drawings

a wasp

A few drawings
Technology: pencil, sketchbook, bus

Info: A few drawing from my sketchbook. Most of them are done on the jittery London buses. Random entries in a visual diary.

Charcoal figures

a wasp

Life drawing
Technology: pencil/charcoal, paper

Info: Every once in a while I get the chance to draw naked people. The human form is very fascinating sometimes.

Tech drawings

a wasp

technical drawings
Technology: pencil, paper, ruler, compasses, square

Info: Whilst studying Graphic Design I had a chance to learn about axonometric isometric project and perspective. Points formed lines which formed planes which formed structures. It was very interesting to learn how to project shadows and penumbrae for arbitrary shapes.

Paper cuts

intro to Kirigami
Technology: paper, knife, ruler

Info: Getting started with Kirigami

Abstract Analog

Abstract Analog
Technology: Paper, Knife, Glue, 3D Printing

Info: Using Liviu Stoicoviciu's Pentagon as a basis I've attempted to create a physical prototype, first using paper, then using a personal 3D printer.


Technology: Paper, X-Acto Knife, Glue

Info: Playing with paper, trying to understand more about 3D in general. Getting used to working this awesome little software called Pepakura Designer.